5 tips to increase security and boost productivity.

Poppy Slater

It’s a new year, and we’re busy setting goals and making resolutions. One of mine is to spend at least an hour outside every day.

Of course, I still have work to do, and much of that happens via email. I started 2022 by cleaning up my inbox. Tap or click for the steps I take every year to clear out old emails and start fresh.

I also spent time in my phone’s photo gallery clearing out blurry pictures, screenshots, and duplicates. It’s time-consuming, but there are downloads to help. Tap or click for free apps that find duplicate photos for you.

Let’s jump into a few ways to boost your security, increase your productivity, and tidy up your digital life.

1. Inventory your valuables

I’m in the middle of a move. While clearing out 17 years of junk, I realized it had been a long time since I did a thorough inventory of our valuables.


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