Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air Promotes Indoor Air Quality With House Fans

Many homeowners in Southern California don’t feel like they need to run their air conditioning throughout the entire summer since temperatures can fluctuate from too warm to moderate. To keep the home cool and save money on utilities, people can install ceiling fans or a whole house fan to keep the air circulating without the demanding electrical needs of the AC system. Finding the right fan system and installing it is not an easy task, but experts like Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air are more than ready to help.

A Trusted Name In The Air Handling Industry

For more than two decades, Accurate has been providing expert cooling services to the residents of Glendora, CA. Their highly-experienced team of electricians, plumbers, and HVAC technicians are fully licensed and certified in each respective field. Accurate is so proud of their staff that they offer a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee.

Air Conditioning Isn’t The Only Way To Cool

People love to turn off the air conditioner when the weather is cool enough to allow the breeze inside. This eliminates the stuffy atmosphere in the house and fills it with fresh air from outside. Unfortunately, the wind isn’t always blowing in the right direction or is still, which hampers indoor circulation and forces the use of AC. Homes that invest in the ceiling and whole house fans can continue to reap the benefits of fresh cool air without the cost that comes with running an AC unit.

Circulate Air Throughout The Entire Home With One Fan

Whole house fans were popular decades ago but gradually phased out as air conditioning technology improved. Now, homeowners are clamoring for a way to circulate fresh outdoor air throughout their homes without using multiple fans. Whole house fans are mounted in a central location in the ceiling to maximize airflow. The fan register has louvers that open as air is pulled in through open windows and flows into the attic, where it gets expelled through a vent to the outside. As long as windows or doors remain open throughout the house, air will flow through multiple rooms and create a comfortable breeze that can cool the home by up to 30 degrees.

Set Up Circulation On A Room By Room Basis

If a whole house fan isn’t an option, people can also cool their home through multiple ceiling fans. Ceiling fans help circulate the air that would otherwise stay stagnant. Installing these fans isn’t easy, which is why homeowners can depend on the professionals at Accurate to securely and safely mount and wire them in place. The team can also advise homeowners on the size and style of fan that will work best for each room, allowing them to get the most efficiency out of each fan.

Cleanse The Air To Remove Toxins

Circulating fresh air is a great way to improve indoor air quality, but sometimes it doesn’t clear up everything. Homeowners concerned about the atmosphere inside their home can visit to schedule an evaluation. The Home Air Quality Specialists will perform a thorough inspection that evaluates the existing levels of allergens, dust, and bacteria. The results tell specialists what type of air filtration systems to recommend to trap contaminants and cleanse the air of odor.

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