Arbor Pointe Condos HOA poses trouble for mold repair

ARVADA, Colo. (KDVR) — An Arvada couple is fed up with their homeowner’s association after a nearly yearlong problem that started from a leak from an upstairs condo.

“They had a leak and we had a leak from April to July,” Joanna Zacharellis, who lives in the condo at the Arbor Pointe Condominiums in Arvada, said.

Zacharellis’ boyfriend Russ Willson owns the unit and purchased the condo more than a year-and-a-half ago. He said the leak started in April 2021 and after contacting the HOA company, Associa Colorado Association Services, multiple times, the HOA finally sent someone to fix it three months later, in July.

The leak was fixed but left behind a mess of mold for the family of four.

“The whole ceiling was wet, just wet, mold everywhere,” Zacharellis said.

The couple was told by multiple plumbers that they shouldn’t be living in the condo with that amount of mold.

“HOA didn’t send anyone out to look at the mold until October,” Zacharellis said.

Now, after a contractor with the HOA looked at the mold, Zacharellis said it took four more months until workers came in to demolish the bathroom and remove the mold.

“Finally on Feb. 28, someone came out. They demoed our bathroom and only left the toilet,” Zacharellis said.  

But the couple said the contractors left with half of the bathroom demolished and never returned. For the past two weeks, the couple along with Willson’s two sons, have had to use neighbor’s showers or the shower in an upstairs vacant condo. Zacharellis said someone on the HOA gave them the keys to the empty unit.

She said they were given a 5-6 day estimate on how long it would take to demolish and put the new bathroom together. But then they never received a call or email back.

She said they didn’t hear anything from the HOA or company who was fixing the issue until Friday morning.

“They started tearing up the floor today and were supposed to remove the other two walls then got called off the job,” Zacharellis said.

The Problem Solvers reached out to Associa Colorado Association Services. A representative responded right away with a statement that said: “We apologize that the resident has been inconvenienced by the ongoing repairs to her unit. We will contact the contractor handling this matter and provide her with an update on expected completion date as soon as possible.”