Bedroom shelving ideas: 10 stylish bedroom shelves

Poppy Slater

Whether functional or decorative, bedroom shelving ideas can offer a useful way of working much-needed extra storage into a bedroom scheme. But while the purpose of closets, chests and drawers is to keep everything discreetly hidden, open shelving offers the opportunity to put favorite things on display, so is a great way of adding personality to a bedroom.

Thoughtfully-designed bedroom shelving ideas can be an asset to any bedroom. Whether bespoke built-ins as part of your walk-in closet ideas and over-bed storage for keeping bedside essentials close to hand, or organizational storage that brings structure and order to clothing, bedding and books. And even if purely for decorative purposes only, bedroom shelving ideas can be a fabulous way of showcasing artwork and pictures or a treasured collection.

Bedroom shelving ideas

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