Experts reveal the bedroom paint colour that gives us the ick

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  • The colour experts at Lick have conducted some research into which colours give us the ick. Lick’s paint professionals have revealed that the worst mood killer is… brown.

    A significant 56% of people (and 63% of women) said they would be put off if they found out a romantic partner opted for this earthy neutral in their bedroom colour scheme. Let’s take a look at the worst colours to paint the bedroom and those deemed more ‘attractive.’

    Image credit: Lick

    The colour not to paint your bedroom

    The research showed that ick-inducing brown is the number one colour not to paint your bedroom. Brown is a grounding colour made by mixing primary colours red, yellow and blue. But it certainly wouldn’t be our first choice.

    In the survey, it was closely followed by unpopular bedroom ideas, black and orange. Instead, people preferred a fresh and uplifting white bedroom, while others were tempted by the idea of a luxurious and sultry purple room that reminds us of our bedrooms of the 90s.

    Love certainly isn’t blind when it comes to how we decorate our homes more generally, as 70% said a partner’s home decor could turn them off. 42% of people surveyed think that home decor is actually a better indicator of someone’s personality than how they dress.

    bedroom with brown and pink wall art

    Image credit: Annie Sloan

    Natasha Bradley is the Head Colour Specialist at Lick. She is a colour psychologist with years of experience in interior design, helping clients to create spaces they love.

    ‘How we style the interiors of our homes and ourselves are really good indicators of who we are,’ comments Natasha. ‘So it makes a lot of sense that colours also play a part in the dating world.

    ‘Often, couples who have similar interior styles and attitudes to their home can find more harmony in their home life,’ Natasha adds.

    pink bedroom with green cushions and curtains

    Image credit: Lick

    Other findings included that nearly a third of people (28%) admit to no longer wanting to date someone if they didn’t like their interiors. Over half also said that being house proud is an attractive trait.

    Decorating our homes is about expressing ourselves and creating a space that makes us happy. If you love it, you can’t go wrong (but we’ll certainly steer clear of brown).