Home interior decor tips: Things you should avoid when decorating your home

From new colour palettes to lighting and ventilation and unique furniture choices, designing a dream home that represents our particular style is the ultimate satisfaction and the interior design industry has seen a shift in the way homes are designed in the post-pandemic era as an individual’s interaction with space has evolved in the last two years. It is crucial that the colour theme for each room, lighting, usage of materials and most importantly the meticulous selection of your furniture and fixtures, all should be aimed at making you feel comfortable.

Your home has to tell your story and represent your soul as what matters at the end is the feeling of belonging to your place. Though the character of a typical home is to make one feel warm, inviting and inspiring, the same could be challenging if you have shifted into a newer home and want to create something unique or particularly charming.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Varun Moolchandani, Executive Director at Archies Ltd, advised, “Nothing beats the satisfaction of designing a space that represents your particular style. One should avoid bulky or ornamental pieces and opt for sleek and streamlined pieces best suited for compact dwellings. We should invest time and patiently look for products that match our emotions and the story that our house narrates. There should be no hurry in decorating the house. Take your time looking over the various décor pieces and avoid making impulse purchases.”

He added, “Concentrate on the most important pieces of furniture and build your home around them. I personally feel that any artwork shouldn’t hang too high. Artwork should be hung at about eye level. Also, one should not rely only on overhead lighting for the house. A mix of overhead, ambient, and task lighting is preferable. Use any lights, sconces, or table lamps you choose. Just make sure to mix it up. It will add more light to the space and improve the appearance of everything in it. Decorating a house is a mix of hits and misses that can be gradually fixed. What is important is the emotion behind each product.”

Echoing that nothing gives the same feeling like designing a dream home that represents your particular style, Ashima Singla, Founder and CEO of Whispering Homes, asserted that because renovations can be pricey, it’s critical to make well-informed decisions that will last for years. She listed some of the most common decorating mistakes to avoid while decorating your home: 

1. Unbalanced furnishings – Always measure each room and purchase furniture that fits your home’s scale and size. Bulky or decorative items work well in larger homes, whereas sleek and streamlined furniture works best in smaller spaces.

2. Function ignorance – When decorating your home, keep utility in mind and only bring in furniture that is absolutely necessary. Consider multifunctional elements that serve at least two tasks for small spaces.

3. Insufficient lighting – The house may look dark and cramped if there are fewer light sources on the ceiling. To design a well-lit room, use many levels of lighting at various heights, such as pendant lights on the ceiling, table lamps, floor lamps, accent lights and under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen.

4. Investing in low-cost furniture – Never be satisfied by badly constructed furniture, no matter how appealing it appears to be. Say “yes” to pieces that are both sturdy and comfy, as well as easy to maintain and long-lasting.