HomeGoods Dream Vibes tool will help design your ideal home

HomeGoods has launched the ultimate home decorating tool for indecisive decorators. The HomeGoods Dream Vibes home decorating tool promises to help you uncover the interior design ideas you didn’t know you wanted.

The practice of keeping dream diaries and analyzing dream meanings has been around for years. Psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud believed dreams were a door to the unconscious, so why not use them as an extra source of interior design inspiration?

 HomeGoods has created a tool that taps into this unconscious to reveal the living room ideas or even bedroom ideas you really want in your home. 

Bar cart with yellow neon light

(Image credit: HomeGoods)

The tool available online at HomeGoods Dream Vibes takes inspiration from a customer’s dream to help them refresh their surroundings. It uses the information to create a decor-filled design snapshot or as HomeGoods has called it a ‘Dream Vibe.’