How to clean a humidifier: in five simple steps

It’s vital to know how to clean a humidifier. The humble humidifier really comes into its own during cold, dry winter months – you may have invested in one to help with a specific ailment, such as a chesty cough or eczema – and running one throughout fall and winter can have huge health benefits to the whole family, especially now homes are so well insulated and heating systems so effective. From airborne viruses and static buildup to snoring and dry skin, a humidifier can tackle them all, and improve your overall indoor air quality in the process. 

Humidifiers all have the same basic role: to add moisture to the air. They achieve this by turning water into vapor which is dispelled into the air. However, if the water tank and other connections in the humidifier are dirty, the vapor you and your family inhale will also be dirty. This is why regular and thorough humidifier cleaning is an important part of its use and should never be overlooked or put off.