Man Finds Human Remains Under Home While Fixing Plumbing

A decomposed body has been found underneath a mobile home in Pennsylvania by a man carrying out plumbing work.

Tracey Douds and her daughter have lived at the mobile home in Ohioville, Pennsylvania, for about five years.

Douds told a local TV station that she had sometimes smelled a foul odor around her property, but thought it was caused by a dead animal.

The source of the odor was revealed last Thursday when Douds’ boyfriend made a grim discovery while trying to fix a plumbing problem.

“He came out, he’s like, ‘Tracey, you’re not gonna believe this,'” Douds told KDKA-TV. “He’s like ‘I think there’s a dead body under there.'”

Stock photo. A man discovered human remains while fixing a plumbing issue underneath a mobile home in Pennsylvania.

Douds added that she had initially thought he was joking, but her boyfriend went back to double-check that it really was bones he had seen.

“I’m no Nancy Drew, but yeah, I’ve been freaked out for a long time,” Douds said. “We’re a little traumatized, but it will be over soon.”

Douds could not immediately be contacted for further comment.

After she reported the finding, officers with the Ohioville Police Department responded to the home on Midland Road at around midday on Thursday, March 17, according to a news release from the Pennsylvania State Police.

“Ohioville Police Department secured the scene and requested the assistance of the Pennsylvania State Police,” the release said.

“The body was observed as being in an extreme state of decomposition. The residents of the mobile home report they located the deceased individual while attempting to fix a plumbing issue at the residence.”

The release added that investigators were still working to determine the cause of the individual’s death as well as their identity.

Pennsylvania State Police have been contacted for additional comment.

Anyone with information about the case should call Pennsylvania State Police Beaver Criminal Investigation Unit at 724-773-7400.

Newsweek reported last month on the discovery of the body of a preschool-aged child in a freezer in Las Vegas.

Officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department found the boy’s remains in the garage of a home after the child’s sister handed a note to her elementary-school teacher. The note said she did not know where her younger brother was and their mother was being held against her will by her boyfriend.

Authorities believe the child had been in the freezer since early December. Brandon Toseland, 35, of Las Vegas, was arrested in connection with the child’s death.