Property: ‘Inexpensive’ and ‘quick’ home improvements that need little ‘time or skills’

The key to choosing the perfect DIY home improvement task is to focus first on what needs to be accomplished and then considering how much time homeowners want to spend doing it. While all of these projects are easy to complete, some are more time intensive than others. On the bright side, none of these projects should take you more than an hour to complete.

Interior experts have noted small tweaks and projects that can change the feel of a home and breathe new life into furnishings, walls, windows, and generally help improve homes.

The first tip is to add open shelving to blank walls.

Homeowners can give bare walls a sense of purpose with the addition of stylish, striking shelving. 

Shelving above a kitchen counter, hallway console table or living room sideboard can help to add a decorative touch – and a sense of purpose. 

Especially when dressed with pottery pieces and books in the accent colours to add interest. 

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Speaking of kitchens, giving outdated cabinets an upgrade is a cheap yet easy way to update homes.

Jenna explained: “Switching out your standard handles for something more luxe can transform an inexpensive kitchen, to one that feels stylish and bespoke.”

Easier than homeowners might think, the expert says they usually come in a standard size, which means the handles and hinges can be unscrewed and replaced using the existing screw. 

Jenna suggested: “Warm up the finishes with brass, or opt for matt-black for a contemporary look that feels sleek and modern.”

Depending on the budget, there are an array of online shopping sites who have a great selection of door knobs in brass, matt black, satin nickel, pink and blue, which can be paired with their door handle collection.

To improve their homes, Britons should aim to be creative with colour and broaden their paint choices.

We all know a lick of paint can do wonders for interiors, but how about painting something that’s special to you? 

That little jolt of happiness when you paint the inside of a wardrobe housing your favourite clothes, or painting something you’ve salvaged from a skip, can make all the difference.

Joanne Winston, sales director at St Modwen Homes colours to bring a touch of the outdoors inside.

She said: “Sage greens, beiges and greys are a great way to bring the outside in, and with a combined monthly search volume of nearly 200,000, you’ll be right on trend for 2022.

“Plus, grabbing your paintbrushes is a relatively quick and simple option if you’re looking for a refresh.”

Homeowners can also add some extra wow-factor to their windows with a decorative film.

Whether you’re living in the home of your dreams or are a first-time buyer, not everyone is lucky enough to have a room with a view.

It might be light and bright, but if there’s a tiny snag when you look out, a decorative window film could be the answer.

Joanna Baumard, co-founder of Purlfrost said: “Made-to-measure and assembled in minutes, this easy update offers complete privacy to onlooking neighbours and a fuss-free alternative to sheers or shutters.

“With a wide choice of designs to choose from, you can really let your personality shine through.

“Opt for a bold floral or abstract pattern to create a design statement, or for those looking for something a little more understated, a delicate frosted design.

“You’ll be amazed how easy this DIY job is and how it completely revamps any room in the house in just a few minutes.”