Small kitchen lighting ideas | Livingetc

Small Kitchen lighting ideas are a key part of your design scheme. The right lighting can have a transformative effect on a more compact space by making it appear bigger and highlight various work ‘zones’ so it functions more effectively. Since we now entertain in our kitchens, it is important to explore kitchen lighting ideas that can change the mood and ambience of the room according to what you need to do. 

It’s not just ceiling and wall lights you need to think about. ‘Making sure that kitchen worktops are well lit is essential in a small kitchen, you don’t want to be wielding a sharp knife or cooking in the dark!,’ says Irene Gunter, founder of designer studio Gunter & Co.  But your kitchen is struggling for natural light, there is a solution. ‘If your countertops need additional illumination, fit a series of small lights or an LED strip under wall cabinets,’ suggests Irene. ‘Both options provide an excellent source of shadow-free light to countertops.’