Tvidler Reviews: Does It Actually Work?

The Tvidler Earwax Removal Tool has been trending all over the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This Tvidler review article has been carefully written to provide you with all the necessary information you need before purchasing this revolutionary ear wax remover.

Earwax accumulation is a problem to a lot of people. Earwax usually is self-cleaning and without any help, earwax usually flows out as often as it is produced in the ear canal or dries up and falls out of the ear, along with any trapped dust or debris. Earwax serves a lot of important functions which include protection and cleaning of the outer ear. Sometimes, the earwax finds it hard to flow out of the ear and as more earwax is being produced, it keeps on accumulating.

This accumulation can lead to an earwax impaction. When someone has impacted earwax in one or both of their ears, they usually experience symptoms which include decreased hearing, dizziness, ear pain, plugged or fullness sensation, ringing in the ear or cough. When impacted earwax becomes infected, it could lead to symptoms like serious pain, drainage from the ear canal, itching, odor coming from the ear or fever.

Blockage or impaction from earwax buildup often occurs when the wax gets pushed deep into the ear canal. Studies show that the most common cause of impactions, which come with its attendant problems, is the use of cotton swabs and other objects such as bobby pins and rolled napkin corners, which can remove superficial wax but at the same time, pushes the rest of the wax deeper into the ear canal. This means that the use of cotton buds or swabs for ear cleaning tend to cause more problems and does nothing but clean up superficial wax.

To prevent earwax build up, regular cleaning of the ears is recommended but with the right tools. Using cotton swabs, Q-tips and other objects that tend to push earwax deeper into the ear canal is discouraged by medical professionals. This is why Tvidler earwax removal tool was developed. The Tvidler earwax remover was develop to make the process of ear wax removal easier, safer and faster. With this tool, you can easily remove accumulated earwax from your ear canal without the fear of earwax buildup.

This tool has been extensively reviewed in the rest of this Tvidler reviews article. Keep reading to find out all you need to know about this product.

What is Tvidler Ear Cleaner?

Tvidler is a high-quality ear wax removal tool that offers a far safer and better alternative to other conventional methods of ear cleaning. It is made of premium grade plastic and the head is made of ultra soft high grade silicone. The high quality materials used in the design of Tvidler ensures that the tool does not break or get dislodged in your ear canal and cause damage or lead to serious infections. The materials used in the design of Tvidler are high grade and the quality of the product is assured. The product is made to last for a very long time without wear or tear. You can trust Tvidler to take care of your ears.

Tvidler is designed in two parts. The handle is made from high grade plastic while the detachable tip is made from premium ultra soft silicone. The handle is designed in such a way that it provides a comfortable, firm grip without any risk of slipping and getting damaged. You can firmly grip the handle while you gently clean out your ears. The tip of the Tvidler ear cleaner is designed to be detachable and it is spiral in design. The spiral design is very crucial in providing a thorough ear cleaning process.

With the spiral design, you can grasp the accumulated earwax and extract it in a gentle, firm manner. The unique design of Tvidler ear cleaner also ensures that while cleaning out the accumulated ear wax, you don’t end up pushing earwax deeper into your ear canal and causing wax impaction with its attendant problems. The spiral design of Tvidler is a quite unique designed to improve your ear cleaning experience while avoiding pushing wax deeper into your ear canal.

The ultra soft silicone head of Tvidler protects the ears of the user from injury. While using Tvidler, no matter how firm or how hard you scrape your ear canal to get the uncomfortable wax out, you do not risk wax build-up at all because the tip that goes into your ear is made with very soft material. It instead massages your ear canal and provides you with a quite satisfying ear cleaning experience. The Tvidler ear cleaner assures you of complete safety to your ear canal while using it. This is unlike other conventional methods of ear cleaning.

Tvidler is designed to be shared. The ear cleaner comes with a set of 6 soft tips for each purchase. This means that your entire household can make use of one Tvidler ear cleaner. Everyone will get a soft silicone tip for personal use. The soft tip is detachable and washable, so, after each use, each person gets to wash and keep their personal soft tip. You can buy more than one Tvidler ear cleaner to get more soft tips for personal and family use. There are amazing discounted offers if you decide to purchase more than one Tvidler ear cleaner.

When you use Tvidler, you do not keep on disposing each tip you use. This is unlike cotton swabs or Q-tips that have to be disposed on each use. The manufacturers of the Tvidler ear cleaner were being environmentally cautious and aware while developing the ear cleaning tool as the tool is designed to last a lifetime. You will not be adding to the ever increasing accumulation of plastic waste as if using Q-tips or cotton swabs.

Tvidler is a far safer and better alternative to cleaning your ears. Not only does it reach deeper than a cotton swab can, but it rotates to remove more buildup from the sides of your ear canal. Tvidler cleans ears better than any cotton swabs you can find. Using Tvidler for the first time, you probably will not believe the amount of earwax you will clean out of your ears. It works perfectly and easily breaks down the wax in your ears. With its spiral design, it gently evacuates the wax buildup after it has broken it down, leaving your ears cleaner than ever and improving your hearing.

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Tvidler vs. other ear cleaners (Tvidler Reviews USA, Canada, Australia,UK)

Tvidler is one of the safer alternatives when it comes to ear cleaning and highly recommended by an otolaryngologist. It combines a simple rotating process with soft materials to break down and evacuate dried up, accumulated wax. It will now be compared to some of the conventional options you might be used to before now.

It is said that a cotton swab acts like a ramrod in an old-style cannon. The tip pushes the earwax in deeper, so the more you use it, the more earwax you end up pushing into your ear canal. This earwax you pushed in end up accumulating and getting impacted, reducing your sense of hearing because it prevents sound waves from hitting your eardrum with the same intensity it would have hit it with if the earwax buildup wasn’t there.

If you unfortunately push the cotton swab in too far, you may rupture your ear drum. This has happened to quite a number of people and constitutes a good number of hospital visits. Ear drum rupture requires some serious treatment which may involve surgery if it is too severe. It is best avoided.

Cotton swabs can also cause injury to your ear canal when you scratch the ear canal and when you scratch it, it can get infected because now dirt and bacteria can now penetrate under your skin.

Tvidler features a unique spiral design that prevents inadvertently pushing the earwax deeper into the ear canal, causing impaction.

It also prevents ear damage since you don’t have to push in the device in a straight path to get the wax. Instead, you use gentle rotator movements to achieve the same purpose without risking ear drum rupture. Also, Tvidler is made with an ultra soft silicone tip that significantly reduces the risk of getting your ear canal hurt even when you scratch it with the device.

Ear candling is not recommended. The procedure uses a hollow cone made of paraffin and beeswax with cloth on the tapered end. The tapered end is placed inside the ear, and an assistant lights the other end, while making sure your hairdos not catch fire. In theory, as the flame burns, a vacuum is created, which draws the wax out of your ear. Clinical trials have however shown that no vacuum is created and no wax is removed in the procedure. This practice can result in serious injury from the flame to any part of your body including the ears.

Meanwhile, using the Tvidler ear cleaner effectively cleans out your ear without exposing you to serious fire injury risks.

  • Other objects like bobby pins or rolled cloth

Just like Q-tips, these other objects predispose the user to further impaction of ear wax because they push wax deeper into the ear canal. They also expose the user to risks of ear drum perforation and injury to the ear canal since they are hard objects that can inadvertently cause injury when they are pushed in too far or used to scratch the ear canal. Tvidler offers a safer, better alternative going by its noteworthy features.

Noteworthy features of Tvidler ear cleaner

  • Complete protection: The ultra soft silicone tip with its unique spiral design ensures complete evacuation of earwax and protects your ear from the deleterious effects of earwax accumulation. You do not have to suffer from earwax buildup anymore. The ability of this ear cleaner to rotate 360 degrees in your ear canal helps evacuate earwax that may be attached to the walls of your ear canal and helps prevent fast buildup.
  • Ergonomic design: The handle of Tvidler ear cleaner is made of high quality plastic material and designed to be extremely easy to grasp. You can just grip the handle firmly in your palm, gently insert the tip into your ear and control the movements of the tip inside your ear canal from the handle outside your ear. The ear cleaner has no sharp parts or easily detachable parts that can be left in the ear canal. It has a non-slip handle made for effective grasping and to prevent the tool from slipping and causing injury. The tool was designed to be highly effective and extremely safe for use.
  • Re-usable: Tvidler ear cleaner is highly reusable and ensures you don’t keep spending money every other week for cotton swabs. One Tvidler ear cleaner can last for a lifetime if used properly unlike the cotton swabs and Q-tips that can only be used once and discarded. The soft tips of Tvidler can be detached and reused for as many times as possible. You just wash it after every use and keep it in a cool, dry place for next use. Tvidler was designed with good environmental awareness in order to avoid contributing to the deterioration of the environment with plastic, non biodegradable waste.
  • Ultra Soft Silicone: Tvidler has a very soft silicone head which is spiral in design and allows it to move freely in a rotational manner in your ear canal without causing any harm. Unlike cotton swabs or Q-tips which can push wax deeper into your ear canal, Tvidler ear cleaner has an ultra soft, high grade silicone head that allows it to advance into your ear canal without pushing wax deeper into your ear or puncturing the ear drum because of its softness. Six ultra soft silicone tips are included with every purchase of Tvidler ear cleaner. These silicone tips are detachable, washable and reusable.
  • High quality: Tvidler earwax remover is made of premium grade quality plastic. The high quality of this earwax remover tool is depicted in the Tvidler reviews online. You are assured that this would be the last ear wax removal tool you would ever need.

How To Use Tvidler Ear Wax Remover

The Tvidler Ear Wax Remover is noted to be very simple to use and does not require any expertise pr professional knowledge to make use of it. You can follow the few steps listed below to use this ear cleaner.

  1. Assemble the Tvidler ear cleaner by inserting one of the soft tips into the handle of the product.
  2. Gently insert the spiral head into your ear canal. The process does not require much exertion. You have to be as gentle as possible to further reduce the risks of injury to your ear canal or eardrum.
  3. Next step is to gently and firmly rotate the tool in 360 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise motion inside your ear canal to clean up the entire accumulated earwax in your ear canal. You also need to refrain from using excessive force here. Be gentle, calm, keep your head steady and slowly rotate the tool inside the canal. This process also massages the ear canal providing soothing comfort.
  4. Finally, pull out the tool gently to evacuate the earwax.
  5. You can repeat these steps as many times as it takes to completely evacuate the accumulated ear wax in your ear. You just have to clean or replace the soft tip before using it again.

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Pros (Tvidler Reviews)

  • Easy to use: No oils, ear drops, ear pumps or candle wax. Simply use the tool for safe and effective cleaning.
  • Painless: Ergonomic handling for comfortable grip and more control to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable ear cleaning experience.
  • Great Quality: The handle is made of premium grade plastic and the silicone tips are made from high quality silicone material.
  • Safe: Tvidler is a safer alternative to ear cleanser pumps, cotton swabs and Q-tips.
  • Comfort at home: Never again worry about those embarrassing trips to the doctor for earwax removal.
  • No more cotton: Cut your costs on cotton swabs with this budget friendly ear wax remover.

Cons (Tvidler Reviews)

  • It can only be purchased online from the official website.
  • It might require additional earwax softeners if the earwax is too dried up and impacted. This may be an oil or an ear drop.
  • Current stock is selling out in its numbers, and the product may go out of stock soon, as demand is quite high.

Price of Tvidler Ear Cleaner

1x Tvidler earwax remover – $29.95

2x Tvidler earwax removers – $44.96

3x Tvidler earwax removers – $65.94

4x Tvidler earwax removers – $79.96

How To Order Tvidler Ear Cleaner

If you are interested in buying the Tvidler Ear Cleaner, you should buy directly from the official website. The order is simple, uncomplicated and completes with a few minutes. Buying from the official website offers the flexibility of a wide range of payment options including but not limited to PayPal and credit cards.

Another advantage of buying from the manufacturer’s website is the possibility of returning the product and getting your money back, in the rare eventuality that you do not like the product. Your refund will be done using the same payment method you used when making the order.

Also, consider the prospect of fast despatch when you order directly from the official website. The processing time for orders is 1 -2 business days. It takes between 14 and 30 working days for the product to arrive, depending on your location. Due to challenges related to COVID-19, receipt of your order may take a little longer than normal. Your order will be delivered but may be delivered later due to local and global restrictions but you will receive your product within 30 working days depending on your location.

Why You Should Buy Tvidler Ear Wax Remover Now

Reading up to this point means that you are interested in acquiring one Tvidler earwax remover for yourself. You can buy directly from the official website using the link on this website and get an amazing 50% discount. This discount is available for a short duration and may be adjusted soon, so use this opportunity to grab this amazing earwax removal tool at 50% less the original price.

Return Policy: The manufacturers are so assured of the quality of their product that they are offering customers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. You can return the products purchased on the official website within 30 days from receiving and receive a refund, exchange or store credit for future purchases, if:

  • You have received a product with damaged or contaminated package;
  • You have received a product that is defective or otherwise bad;
  • You have received a wrong item;
  • You have changed your mind and want to return an unused and unopened product.

They only offer this 30-day returns policy for products purchased on the official website. If you want to return the product for any reason, contact their customer support team by filling a contact form at within 30 days from receiving your ordered products. The customer support team will respond to your inquiry within 3 business days and after you provide all necessary information, you will be provided with a return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and Return address. Once the returned products are received and inspected, your refund will be issued within 14 days. Once a refund is issued, it normally takes 3-5 business days for the refund to be shown in your bank statements. The refund will be sent back to you using the original source of payment that you used to pay for the order.


Tvidler Customer Reviews

Sinan Limani says, “From all the ear cleaners that I have tried, Tvidler is the best. I feel a lot better after using Tvidler. Highly recommend it.”

Predrag Jovanovic says, “Excellent product, very god quality, also customer service was awesome, recommendations.”

Vu Tran says, “This is the best ear cleaner I have ever used. It is very safe, does not cause any discomfort. Efficiently cleans the ears. Very good price. An indispensable product for everyone. Highly recommend.”

Edward Rodrigues says, “I really liked the Tvidler product. My family and I use it, it is so easy to use and very practical. At the moment of use it is very comfortable and the best thing is that my ear iswithout wax. I recommend it to all people, it is an amazing product.”

Nikos Marov says, “Really does the job, I am very satisfied and I sincerely recommend it.”

Danielle Munyalo says, “This new ear wax remover is a game changer. Tvidler ear wax is a new innovation designed in a way that is very safe, comfortable and easy to use.”

Sam Park says, “This earwax cleaner got my attention when I stumbled across it on the internet. I decided to try it and I’m glad I did. Effective, simple and safe. Highly recommend.”

Frequently Asked Questions (Tvidler Reviews)

How does Tvidler ear wax cleaner work?

Tvidler ear wax cleaner’s unique spiral head tip is designed to ‘catch’ the ear wax and remove it with effortless twisting motion instead of pushing t further down. Gently insert Tvidler into your ear, turn it clockwise and remove the excess wax. No need to use force or push the tool deeper into the ear canal. Tvidler is rinseable and reusable.

What are the specifications of Tvidler earwax cleaner?

Head Tips

Material: High quality silicone

Detachable: Yes

Washable: Yes.

General Information

Handle: Comfort Grip

Material: Plastic (handle), silicone (tip)

Washable: Yes

How is Tvidler different from other ear cleaning products (Q-tips, ear drops, ear wax candles)?

Tvidler is an effective, convenient and reusable solution to your ear wax accumulation problem. It has no drawbacks of ear drops (though you might wish to use both methods simultaneously if your ear wax accumulation issue is bad enough) and, in contrast to Q-tips and ear wax candles, Tvidler actually works.

Can I return the order if I don’t like it?

Yes, your purchase is risk-free. You can easily return the product within 30 days.

What does Tvidler ear wax package contain?

Each Tvidler comes with 6 additional replaceable high grade silicone tips and a travel case.

Conclusion On Tvidler Review

Since you already know how dangerous it is to use cotton swabs, it is time to throw them away and start caring for your ears properly. Tvidler offer you a far safer and better alternative when it comes to cleaning your ears and removing earwax. Not only does it reach deeper than a cotton swab can, but it rotates to remove more buildup from the sides of your ear canals. Tvidler tool removes any dried wax stuck inside your ears along with any other debris trapped in your ears. Hurry and get your Tvidler at a special 50% discount.


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