Where to Buy the Best Cribs for Babies | Blog

One of the most significant decisions when setting up the nursery for their new baby will be the crib. It’s not only about design but also safety ratings, size, and much more. There are many benefits to choosing a natural wood crib because of “negligibly low yet permissible amounts” of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, found in many composite materials like engineered wood, lacquer and glue.

There are many places to shop for baby furniture like high-quality cribs, so where can you find the best ones?

Crib Manufacturers

If you already have a specific natural wood crib in mind, you may want to skip the middleman and go direct to the manufacturer. You can ensure you are communicating with customer service who understands the product intimately, should you need to contact them by going to the source.

Working with the crib manufacturer minimizes delays in shipping because they likely already know what is in stock or know their turn-around time for any cribs built to order. When planning for the arrival of a new baby, learning of a shipping delay can be stressful, and this is one way to avoid one and still get the one you wish for in your dream nursery.

Baby Furniture Stores

Some baby furniture stores will have stock ready to ship, and physical stores may also have inventory on hand, ready for you to take home and assemble. Brick and mortar baby furniture stores will have plenty of floor models, complete with decor, to see exactly how the natural wood crib you choose will look in your nursery once it’s put together. Depending on the store, you may be able to pay extra for professional delivery and assembly.

Baby-Only Retailers

Stores that specialize in babies but sell more than just furniture are a great place to find cribs, nursery decor, and everyday essentials you will need when the baby arrives. Many parents choose to set up a baby registry at baby-only retailers, so it’s easier for family and friends to help support them with the transition. However, the purchase of a crib is personal, and you may choose to leave that off the registry and shop for it yourself.

“Big Box” Retailers

While these cribs are typically more affordable and will always meet all CPSC and ASTM safety standards, it can be hard to find cribs that go beyond. Purchasing a cheap new crib is always better than buying or accepting a second-hand one. However, we recommend investing in a high-quality natural wood crib whenever possible.

Home Improvement Stores

Many major home improvement stores carry essential furniture items, including baby cribs. Due to store limitations, they most likely have a broader selection online. However, most will accept returns to the local store if you don’t like the crib you purchased or if there’s a problem with it. This can be an excellent place to start looking because they also carry wall paint and supplies, ceiling fans, closet organization, and other DIY essentials for setting up your baby’s nursery. Be aware, though, that not all their cribs are natural wood.

Department Stores

Department stores carry higher quality furniture brands than major chain and home improvement retailers. However, because they also have home decor, baby clothes, and some baby essentials in well-known and even designer brands, it’s safe to say that you may find an excellent natural wood crib that would run in similar circles. Baby registries at department stores are standard, depending on your style, but you may choose to shop for the perfect nursery furniture elsewhere.

Furniture Stores

Not all furniture stores will have baby furniture on display in their showroom or warehouse even though they carry it and may even have it in stock locally for fast delivery. Depending on the store, they may choose not to carry baby furniture, but you may want to check online, call ahead, or stop in. Remember, though, that even if you recognize the name of the furniture brand, it doesn’t mean that it’s a natural wood crib. Be sure to ask the salesperson about construction materials before purchase.

Choosing a crib is a significant step in your journey as an expectant parent. We recommend shopping for a natural wood crib early because it is an essential piece of your baby’s nursery. However, some high-quality cribs built to order may take longer to arrive. You want to make sure that you have plenty of time to choose the crib you like best that meets and exceeds safety ratings like SPSC and ASTM and the Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and their strict testing and quality standards. JN